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What would my savior think?

How it began

During a sermon series at my local church, The Holy Spirit impressed upon me the question, “What are you doing for the Kingdom of God?”  I began to pray and seek His face.  When I asked the Holy Spirit, “Exactly what AM I doing that makes a difference for your Kingdom?”  I wasn’t prepared for the answer.  

I knew I had to humble myself and get on my face and seek the Lord.  Over the years, through countless trials, I have built a life I love.  In John 10:10 the Word says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (NIV)  The Lord wants us to live life to the fullest but more importantly, He wants our lives to make a difference for His kingdom.  I felt like my life wasn’t fulfilling that requirement.


Everything we do in this life, all that we work so hard for, all that we dream of, purchase, create, and accomplish will be meaningless to us the moment we draw our last breath.  It is true that others may benefit from the earthly kingdom we have built, but it will not benefit us in the least upon our death, in fact it could prove to be our downfall.

Take a look at Ecclesiastes 5:15 “Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb, and as everyone comes, so they depart. They take nothing from their toil that they can carry in their hands.”  So, as you can see, it mattersand it matters more than we may realize!


Many things have I learned in my six decades of life, but one thing has been proven countless times to me.  My God is faithful!  I’ve often heard people say that if you just ask God for whatever you want, in Jesus’ name, He’ll give you what you ask for.  Hold on!  That’s not exactly what the Bible teaches us.  In John 14:14 we learn that “If you ask Me anything in My name [as My representative], I will do it.” (AMP)  In other words, We have to ask with the right motives.  I can pray every hour for the rest of my life for a red Lamborghini, and trust me, one will never show up in my driveway.  But, if I ask the Lord, “What do you want with me?  “What can I do that will make a difference in your Kingdom?”  Well, buckle up, Buttercup! He will be faithful to show you what He has planned for you.


I was visiting my family in Missouri on Labor Day weekend 2021 and we attended my niece’s home church on Sunday morning.  The pastor started his sermon by asking “Let me see, by the show of hands, how many are wearing steel toed boots or shoes today?”  Chuckles could be heard throughout the large sanctuary.  But, I mentally rubbed my palms together and thought, “Yes, I love when a sermon really challenges me!”  Little did I know what was to come.

Pastor Jason asked how many remember WWJD? Hundreds of hands shot up and several affirming exclamations rang out along with some applause.  I remember when that question could be heard everywhere.  “What would Jesus do?”  It was then and still is a great question!

But, in my spirit I said, I’m a Christian and I know exactly what Jesus would do.  Jesus would do the right thing every single time, in every situation even when it wasn’t convenient.  He wouldn’t care who was watching and even if it cost Him his life, He would do the right thing.  Because He is perfect and without sin.

But, good heavens, what about you and I? Speaking for myself, I am human and I have countless flaws.   We sin every day in thought, word or deed.  But, thank our Lord, He is quick to forgive us.  We are sinners saved by grace.


The question that burned in my soul at that very moment was “What would my Savior think?  I know what Jesus would do, but what would he think about my life and about…

  • the choice I’m about to make?
  • the words that come out of my mouth?
  • how I treat my family?
  • What I do in my quiet time?
  • how I deal with difficulties?
  • the thoughts that I’m thinking right now?
  • how I spend my money?
  • my habits, hobbies and routines?
  • how I spend this moment, this hour, this day…this opportunity?

I knew the Holy Spirit was doing something supernatural in my life.  He was transforming me from who I had been, to the person He had always planned for me to be.  


I challenge you to ask yourself, “What Would My Savior Think?” throughout your day, in every situation and circumstance.

By asking “What Would My Savior Think?” and being honest about the answer, we will make choices that bring us into alignment with the will of God, into greater intimacy with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and into total submission to the Holy Spirit.

WWMST? wristbands are available through this website.  We recommend wearing them on your dominant wrist.  By doing so, you will see it more often and it can prompt you to consider What Would My Savior Think?


If you have ever asked Jesus to forgive you of all the wrong things you have ever done in your life (your sins) and you have asked Him to come into your heart.  That’s AWESOME!  You are part of the “M Crowd”. You can say, What would My Savior think?

But there are some who can honestly say they don’t fit into that crowd.  They are actually part of the “T Crowd”The “T Crowd” would say “Jesus is The Savior” or they might say that “Jesus is Their Savior, but He isn’t my Savior”.

If that’s you, I’m super glad you are here!  If you have read this far and have an open mind and spirit, you may be asking yourself, “What would getting to know this Jesus mean for me?”  Let me give you this to think on for a minute.


Each and every person that has ever been born was born with a heart defect.  We were born with a hole in our heart.  This defect will cause us great pain and can have a profound impact on our lives.  I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have a hole in my heart!”.  Oh yes you do, you were born with it.  Here’s how I know this is true.

Have you been searching for something to make you feel complete most of your life?  Have you found yourself feeling like you’ve never been satisfied with life or with yourself?  Have you ever felt loneliness or despair?  Do you feel like something is missing and you can’t figure out what it is?  Have you ever felt unloved?  We all have felt these things.

Let me ask you a question.  If you have a round hole and you put a square peg in it, does that peg fill the hole?  No, it does not, so…

Let’s go back to the heart defect for a moment.  That hole in your heart is a Jesus-shaped hole!  Did you know that?  It is!

Many of us spend years, decades, perhaps our entire lives trying to fill that hole.  

  • Pills can’t plug the hole
  • Alcohol doesn’t plug the hole
  • Relationships can’t plug the hole
  • Careers can’t do it
  • Affairs can’t do it
  • False religions and gods fail to fill the hole
  • There is only one thing that can

Remember the round hole and square peg we talked about a moment ago? 

To plug a round hole you need a round peg, right?

My friend, the only thing that will fill the Jesus-shaped hole in your heart, is Jesus, nothing else will even come close.   Once you come to that realization, you have a choice to make.  Do you want to continue chasing after things that you know will leave you feeling empty and have never satisfied the longing in your heart or do you want to try something new that is tested and true and guaranteed to satisfy?


  • I have screwed up so bad that Jesus wouldn’t want me.
  • I’m too old and set in my ways to change now
  • If you only knew what I have done
  • I’d have to give up my friends
  • I am unlovable
  • I don’t deserve love
  • Nothing ever really changes
  • You just don’t understand what I’ve done
  • I’ve tried church, it’s not for me
  • I’d rather party in hell than go to Heaven


God already knows every thought you have ever had.  He knows every lie you’ve ever told.  He knows everything you have ever done (even the horrible, unspeakable things) and HE LOVES YOU!

You have probably heard of John 3:16 and maybe verse 17, but do you know what it actually says?  “For  God so loved  the world,   that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not  perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.  (ESV) (emphasis added)

The one true God, who created you in your mother’s womb, knew you were going to do the things you have done before you ever did any of them.  He adores you and wants only the very best for you.  That’s why He sent Jesus to take the punishment for us.  He wants us to trust Him, to depend on Him, to let Him show us a better way.  Jesus is the way.

Did you know that even though you can’t see him, he is with you right now?  He is!  He is waiting to throw His big old loving arms around you and take away your pain.

He doesn’t require an application process and references.  He knows you and He wants to comfort and guide you.  He wants you to let Him fix that hole in your heart.  Won’t you let him?


If you are ready to lay down your broken heart and your weary soul and ask Jesus into your heart to fill that which has been missing your whole life, just say this and mean it from the depths of your heart.

If you have prayed that prayer, I’m asking that you click on the “Get in touch” button near the top of the page and share your story with us.  This is not the end, it’s just the beginning!  The beginning of a new life of freedom in Christ.


You get to know Him like you do anyone else.  Start talking to Him whenever you can.  So many new Christians say, “I don’t know how to pray.”  I’m going to let you in on a little secret…Yes, you do!  Talk to Jesus like you were talking to your best friend, because very soon you will find out that He is exactly that, your best friend.  You can speak out loud to Him or you can silently talk to Him in your heart.  There is no right or wrong way to pray.  Just do it!

We fall in love by spending time with the one we are forming a relationship with.  The same goes for Jesus.  The more time you spend talking to Him and reading His Word (The Bible) the sooner you will start realizing that you can trust Jesus with every part of your life.

THE BIBLE – You don’t have to start at the beginning

The Bible is the inspired word of God.  It is divided into two main sections and is actually made up of 66 individual books.  The first section is called the Old Testament and the second is called the New Testament.  All of it is wonderful and will teach us so much in time.

But for now, why don’t you look in the front in the table of contents and in the New Testament, look up John.  Don’t be confused, there are actually 4 books that have the name John in them.  For now, let’s just start with John.    You can read 1 John, 2 John and 3 John a little later on.

By starting with John, you’ll quickly learn who Jesus is and that’s a wonderful place to start.  Go ahead, just take the next step.  Ask Jesus to help you honor the commitment you made.  Read John.

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